The List of Full Benefits

The Benefits We Offer: Money, Promotion, and Freedom.

Money, Promotion, Freedom - Absolutely Free.

Money - You may be an artist, but you don't need to starve

  • Sell Your Work: We make it easy for you to sell your work directly to your audience. Want to know how much you get? Prices and Payment.
  • Cash Awards: Get $50 bucks for 500 upvotes, and you can take as long as you need to get there.
  • Be a Part of "Best of" Collections: Masspire will release 'best of' collections, and if you do well you're eligible to be on them, plus a share of the sales.

Promotion - This site is built to find the talented but unknown

  • Receive Direct Promotion: we will feature great work here and promote it throughout the internet.
  • Alumni Services: We won't forget about you after you win. Masspire will continue to promote you, however we can.
  • Get a Spotlight: for our uniquely awesome members, we will promote your shows and events and write blog profiles about you

Freedom - As much as we can give

  • Minimal Restrictions: We liberate you to include whatever you want in your work, to the greatest extent we can.
  • The Indie Way: If you want to make your way to stardom but don't want to get screwed over on the trip, then Masspire offers you a way to build yourself up without contractual bondage.
  • Completely Free: We only make money when you make money. You could not pay us for participating on Masspire if you wanted to.
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