How Masspire Works

A Short Summary of How Masspire Works

The Summary

  • The Concept: Opportunity
  • $50 for 500
  • All It Takes is an Upload
  • No Catch
  • Absolutely Free


Masspire is based on the idea that many people who deserve success never get it. Masspire is designed to help those people get the first push they need to really get going.

$50 for 500

Get 500 upvotes and you'll get $50. There's no time limit and no catch, so if you reach that goal you're good. Most people are probably going to have to promote their work on Masspire to reach that goal, although if we think you're awesome we will help you get there.

Once you reach 500 upvotes you'll also get your work permenantly featured in our "Best of" channel. We even offer 'alumni services,' when you hit 500, which means we'll keep promoting your career on our networks on other sites. On that note, it would be very cool if you would follow us on one of them.

Please don't create a bunch of dummy accounts to upvote yourself. We'll know.

All It Takes is an Upload

If you want to enter, the only thing you have to do is upload your work to Masspire. Just a reminder, Masspire is Completely Free.

No Catch

We don't mess with the rights to your work, there aren't hidden fees or other weirdness. We make money when you sell your work through the site, so we can only succeed if you do.

Absolutely Free

Masspire is 100% free all the way. You couldn't pay us to be part of Masspire if you wanted to.

Registration is ridiculously fast: Join Masspire