How We Make Money

Yes, You Can Trust Us

We want to give you money, help you get noticed, and want nothing in return. We understand how that might sound a bit suspicious, but it's true. We're not doing anything to the rights to your work. We're not going to charge you for being here. Really, the only way we make money is when you sell your work. So when we say that we care about your success, we mean it. If you don't succeed, we can't grow.

Q: What are Masspire's prices and what is my share?

A: Answers await.

Q: So you're not doing anything to the rights to my work?

A: No. While you're on Masspire, we can sell your work, we can promote it, and we can showcase it in our promotions. But if you delete your work from Masspire, all our rights go out the window, and you can delete at any time.

Q: I'd feel better knowing other people have already won things...

A: Well then have this lovely list of Winners from Last Season.

Q: Can I have a detailed list of what I get out of participating on Masspire?

A: Yep: The Full Benefits of Masspire. If there's something you want but don't see listed, feel free to ask. We may implement your suggestion.

Q: So who is behind Masspire?

A: Masspire is a small startup, so it's helmed by one guy who would like to make the world a bit less unfair: the Founder.

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