Prices and Payment


The ItemsThe PricesYour Share: TotalYour Share: Per Item
EPs (6 Songs)$4.49$3$0.50
LPs (12 Songs)$8.99$6$0.50
Video Singles$0.59$0.25$0.25
Six Packs$2.99$1.50$0.25
Twelve Packs$4.99$3.00$0.25

Explanation of Prices

  • Your Share - Per Item: Masspire allows users to package together work from different artists so they can save money. "Your Share - Per Item" is how much you will get if someone buys your work as part of a larger package.
  • Your Share - Total: This is what you will get if someone buys only your stuff.

How to Get Payment

  1. First, click the "Give Me Payment" button on my account.
  2. We will send you a link from a very cool service called Dwolla to the address you used to register.
  3. Go to Dwolla, sign up for an account, and withdraw your money.

Explanation of Payment

  • How Long Will It Take? We pay people manually. So sometimes payment may take a few hours to arrive.
  • When Can I Have Payment? Once you've earned five bucks. Because we have to pay people manually, we don't want to do it for a quarter.
  • What Can I Do with Less than Five Bucks? Spend it here or save it up. Your money will never go away.
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