Site Info

Site Info for Masspire. All your questions can be answered here.

If you don't the information you're looking for, feel absolutely free to send us an email with the contact form.

  • How Masspire Works: a quick summary of how the site works.
  • Prices and Payment: did you know you can sell your stuff through Masspire? This page will tell you the prices and your share.
  • What You Stand to Win: this page contains a list of everything you can stand to gain through Masspire.
  • Free Means Free: we won't charge you, and we also won't spam you or mess with the rights to anyone's work. We only make money when people sell their work through the site.
  • The Story Behind Masspire: Masspire is a very personal business. It represents what we think the world should be like.
  • The People Behind Masspire: Masspire is a small, new, independent startup. It only has a few founders to its name.