The Story Behind Masspire

The Dunes outside of Florence at sunset. During that lovely Oregon summer. On the road back to Colorado.

Masspire has its roots in a really low point in my life.

In the Summer of 2011, I had a part-time job paying $10/hr., a mountain of debt, and a leaky air mattress that left me on the floor each morning. I hadn't done anything wrong to get to that point. In fact, I had done everything society told me to. I had an advanced degree and I had done well in school, but it just didn't matter.

I had to spend the winter unemployed at my parents place. In the Spring I got that $10/hr job offer at last. I moved back to Colorado and tried to do everything I could to enjoy my unexpected free time.

I hiked a lot. Read a lot. Drank a lot. Tried to write. Tried to get better at singing and playing the guitar. But when I wasn't moving a lot of sadness settled on me. It didn't seem fair that I wasn't even getting a chance. And it was happening everywhere: all over the country and to everyone I knew. I wanted so badly to change it...

Then one fine evening an idea came to me about a site based around the idea of artistic crowdsourcing. The idea grew, to a site that would act like one big opportunity engine, helping people who deserved it. At this point I'm glad it all happened to me, because if the safe path of 9-5 hadn't been taken away from me, I never would have tried this.

I'm not sure Masspire is ever going to be a path to riches for me. So far I've had to pay Masspire's bills with my own money. But I'm going to keep going because I believe a site like Masspire needs to exist. I don't accept that most talented people will never get a chance to prove themself. There has to be a fairer way.

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